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ASRC Food Drive

Burch&Co’s second community support focus of 2024 is dedicated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC).  

ASRC are Australia’s largest independent, not-for-profit, human rights organisation providing support to people seeking asylum. ASRC receives no federal government funding, which means donations play a big role in allowing the ASRC to continue their support services.  Their community of staff and volunteers assist around 7,000 people seeking asylum each year, and we are proud to get involved.  

Giving food is the most immediate and tangible way to support the ASRC’s efforts. The ASRC food bank aims to reduce food insecurity by providing access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food. In support of the 1,200 people who access this Foodbank each month, we will be running a Food Drive to help provide one of the most basic human rights – access to food.

From 8 April 2024 to 19 April 2024, Burch&Co. will be collecting food donations to help support asylum seekers and refugees.

What goods can be donated?

The ASRC accepts the follow items, with essential food items being the priority:

  • Tuna in oil of any size (95g, 185g or 425g) 
  • Tomato paste 
  • Coconut cream or milk 
  • Honey 
  • Full cream UHT milk 1 litre 
  • Instant coffee / black tea bags 
  • Sweet / savoury biscuits 
  • Basmati rice 
  • Tinned vegetables (peas, carrots, corn kernels) 
  • Oil (750ml – 1 litre) 
  • Dried legumes (chickpeas, split red lentils, yellow split peas) 
  • Spices (cumin, turmeric, chilli, coriander) 
  • Laundry powder 1kg packs 
  • Laundry liquid 1 litre 
  • Unsalted dried nuts 
  • Dried fruit 

For those wishing to support the ASRC Foodbank and contribute to our food drive, please drop off any donations to Central House reception or come say hello to the Burch&Co team at Level 1, 101 Moray Street, South Melbourne at office 25. 

We look forward to supporting the ASRC Foodbank together! 

Last updated: 02 April 2024

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