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Want to help us forge the new law firm model? If you don’t see a suitable opening but feel compelled to join our movement, please get in touch with your CV and some information about yourself.

We’re looking for you! Join our Commercial Team as an Associate Lawyer, playing a crucial role in delivering high-quality legal services. Lead client matters, ensuring tasks are completed on schedule, objectives are met, and client and legal expectations are fulfilled. You’re a confident, reliable and principled lawyer looking for a new opportunity in the legal […]

What it's like to be part of the Burch&Co team

Our guiding principles

Respect the person first

Seems obvious, right? However, the most common anxiety around engaging a lawyer (besides the cost) is the interpretation of legal jargon. We can change this perception by striking the perfect balance between legal speak and layman's terms. Our goal is to inspire confidence, and this starts with our clients understanding what we’re talking about.

Show up

We’re seriously passionate about the law. The advice we give our clients is sound, considered and backed by expert legal knowledge. We’re honest and up front in our interactions and regard trust and reliability to be at the heart of what we do. You won’t find any empty promises here.

Be useful

The collaborative relationships we have with our clients is what sets us apart. People trust us because we aren’t afraid to show the human side of ourselves and because we always deliver results. We don’t hide behind legal jargon or charge through the roof rates for five minute phone calls. We’re a team of real people, with a really excellent understanding of the law.

Lead with integrity

Underpinning every action, piece of advice or suggestion we make is an unflinching commitment to ethical and decent behaviour. We respect and uphold the laws and principles that shape our legal system and seek only to achieve positive, rewarding outcomes for those that require the law’s protection.

Employee spotlight

Check out the daily lives of people working and breathing Burch&Co culture.

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