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Introducing our series of essential legal knowledge for startup founders, from Burch&Co's Startup & Capital team.

Introducing Startup Playbook

Every startup begins with an idea – a founder having the courage, passion and energy to go bigger, better or smarter – or even build something new.

Starting out can be difficult – if it was easy…everyone would do it – though the rewards are there for those willing take up the challenge. 

As you grow and scale, navigating the law will be critical to the success of your venture. At Burch&Co, we love working with founders from all walks of life, providing confidence and clarity to help you take the next step.

Essential Information for Startup Founders

At its heart, the law is about relationships – and provides structure and regulation to our expectations, responsibilities, and ownership. We have set out some of these key relationships for any startup:

We hope you find our resources useful. Please stay tuned for more resources, with startup founders in mind as our key audience.

At Burch&Co, we have a dedicated Startup & Capital team who specialise in all of these key areas. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help your startup grow.

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